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Welcome to Drinking With Blerds where two Caribbean-ish black millennial professionals unpack all the mysteries of life over drinks. Tune in as we discuss things like bad high school memories, adulting, being black and young in the workplace, a bunch of things going on in popular culture, all the the problematic shit going on in the world, and pretty much anything we want to talk about. Also we’re petty so listeners beware. Cheers!

Ep 71: On Black Black Billionaires and Blood Diamonds Drinking With Blerds

or all of the chaos it has brought the pandemic has forced us to be more critical of the celebrities who have for so long been the ideal to aspire to. While long known for her carefully curated public persona, Beyoncé was the latest celeb to find herself facing critique after she became the first Black Woman to wear the Tiffany Diamond, a piece from from Tiffany and Company's collection that is tied to a history of colonialism. In this episode we welcome back longtime supporter Dr. Keyanah Nurse to unpack the implications of Beyoncé wearing this diamond. Guest: Keyanah Nurse, Phd, @KeyanahNurse Follow Us at: Twitter: @DrinkingWBlerds Facebook: Drinking With Blerds Blog: drinkingwithblerds.com Shannon Sorhaindo: @PrettiiRandom Khemani Gibson: @JamaicanScholar Use #DrinkingWithBlerds to join the conversation on Twitter! Intro music “Imagination” and outro music “Hendrix” provided by WorldHipHopBeats.com
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