Recommendations for Ep 10



Havanna Fisher

If you create a hashtag to report only use the hashtag for that issue to maintain the integrity of the hashtag.

Always make sure the work you do has more of a presence in real life than social media.

Shannon Sorhaindo

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Khemani Gibson

Get out there and be there.

If no one else is working on the issue you be that person


Also from all of us take breaks from social media and practice self care when it comes to activism.

Recommendations for Ep 07

Advice for Black students going to PWIs (especially Freshmen).



  1. Make sure you be yourself and defend yourself when needed.
  2. Be aware of your surroundings, make sure you feel safe there, and if you don’t feel safe there transfer.
  3. Don’t dismiss your experiences of microagressions and racism in order to get along with everyone



  1. If you feel like you should fight for change at your school do it.
  2. Live the experience of college and find your passions and interests.
  3. Find your core of friends who will help you through the microagressions you may face.

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