Shannon Sorhaindo

Shannon is an all-around laid back and down to earth person20667989_10213885623991637_1519799133_n whose quiet for the most part but always making jokes and will rant about injustice in a heartbeat. After a long day of work, the girl just wants to unwind with a glass of wine to rant about wypipo and their shenanigans. She usually stays away from drama but loves watch messes unfold.

  • Interests: Watching all sorts of reality television, talking about the issues within gender and sexuality, food, listening to tons of music, making different drink mixtures, discussing real life problems, and achieving career goals
  • Unique ability: Being able to shady yet be a sweetheart at the same time.
  • Role models: the problematic, Charlemagne the God and Maxine Waters
  • Drink of choice: Sex on the Beach

Khemani Gibson

PhD candidate and community organizer by day and bougie tea drinker by night. Khemani is your standard “dude you hated in high school because you thought he thought he was better than you.”

He has no problem sharing an opinion on anything from why Papa Pope is the greatest TV character ever to why baby boomers are annoying or why tea is superior to coffee. Though seriously into pop culture and the art of being petty, Khemani also has a love-hate relationship with politics and seeks to encourage more black millennials to take the reigns instead of letting everyone else drive us all off a cliff.

  • Interests: Watching TV, talking about race, and drinking tea
  • Unique abilities: The ability to make faces that betray his thoughts without even trying, greatest at humble bragging
  • Role models: Papa Pope, Jessica Pearson, T’Challa, Scandal‘s Season 6 Olivia Pope (I call her Darth Pope)
  • Drink of choice: Mojitos all day

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