Wine Wednesday’s Aug 16, 2017

Welcome to Wine Wednesday’s! Every Wednesday, I’ll post a playlist for you get over your bad or good hump day. Just some music for you to vibe out to for the rest of the week. So, pour yourself a glass of wine (or anything stronger if you prefer) and relax (or turn up). I make these playlists on Spotify, so if you have an account, you can easily save the playlist. Below is the list of the songs on the playlist if the original playlist ever gets deleted or lost. This is an old and new school R&B playlist! Enjoy!

– Shannon

*CLICK ME* Drinking with Blerds Old & New R&B Mix

Wine Wednesday's 8917

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Work in Progress

We want to thank you all for being so patient! Who knew starting a podcast required soooo much planning? Anyways we just wanted to post a picture of us recording to let you know we are almost ready for our big debut. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family and follow us on our social media pages!

Recording at The HUUB photo cred to the one and only Patricia Rogers don’t mind Ray in the background.

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